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We do it all!

Greenfield Landscape Services, Inc. is committed to serving your needs.

We specialize in custom landscape designs for new construction, to remove an older landscape or to create an outdoor living space. We also do landscape, Lawn and Sprinkler System installations.

We take care of your landscape by providing custom landscape maintenance programs. We will mow, prune and provide tree and shrub care. In addition, we offer spring cleanup, fall cleanup and winter snow removal.

Our mission at Greenfield Landscape Services, Inc. is to:

  • Affect our environment in a positive way
  • Build relationships with our customers
  • Continue to improve ourselves and our company

Only 1 in 10 people know what they want before hand, so we at Greenfield Landscaping do a lot of consulting. In order to get the best results, we believe that landscaping should be done in sync with the construction of your home.

Lawn Service

The final touch to the landscape is the lawn. A lush green lawn is the ultimate goal. How is this possible? Either seed or sod. Seeding a lawn takes longer to achieve the lush green lawn, but in the long run, it is more economical and healthy. We use Medalist™ seed to assure that you get fast, quality results. Vital to establishing a lush green lawn is a regular lawn care program. We offer consultation on how to achieve this or we can apply the fertilizer and weed control for you.

Sprinkler Systems

The best way to keep your landscape and lawn looking its best is to install an automatic sprinkler system. Water applied when and where it is needed can help keep your plants and lawn looking their best.

A properly planned and installed system can give you years of carefree service. The installation and products used carry a one year warranty. Some of the sprinkler components carry additional warranty from the manufacturer. Service people are readily available should they be needed.

We use Rain Bird™ and Hunter™ sprinkler heads and systems so you know you are getting a system tat will last long and work hard.